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A day in the Motagua

The goal of spending a day in the Motagua is find people who have been working in the Motagua River, individuals who have been using machinery and labor to dig the beach and walls surrounding the river in search of gold, but without have adequate machinery to recover the gold found in the sands which is our specialty, so we will see what happens and offer a deal where they put us machines digging and washing sand to get the gold.

Early in the morning we left the city of Antigua Guatemala to the exploration area located in the Rio Motagua.

We left at 8.00 am a group composed of five people: Edwin and Dwane, mechanics, Robert, CEO and President, Mike and Jaime, geologists, in a Toyota pickup 4 x 4 with extra cab. We take the road to the capital city and then take the road to the Atlantic to a detour that leads to San Jose El Golfo, So far so good, with 2 hours of travel we arrived in San Jose where we stocked up on water as the area where we are quite warm.

san jose del golfo

San Jose del Golfo, Park

After leaving San Jose El Golfo, we take the road to the area is a dirt road that in parts is somewhat hard so you have to use four-wheel drive. The picture is becoming less green, entering a wet to a dry forest, with trees in colors of brown variety, as this is not rainy season, many plants dry waiting for the water to come going green. The climate is becoming warmer, as we go down, the previous days in Antigua, where we live have been pretty cold so the change seems very good.

We arrived at El Paraiso, where our colleague Frank, mechanic and public relations man, lives.  then also joined Don Moncho, who knows the people of the area.

We take the path leading to the river to the point 1, where are 5 people working, one the owner of the Caterpillar excavator and four of its employees who were panning the sand that was pulling the machine. We stayed a while in the place and Frank took a tiny sample of sand beside the river, wash it with a crate and had two small pieces of gold …mapa localizacion viaje 04 03 2013


Some photos of point 1:


Path to the river, few meters before point 1


Plastic tent on the edge of the river from the group working at point 1


Basic Rocks on the other side, gold must be under those rocks


Frank and Dwane paning…


The machine working on the walls sorrounding the river


Having a rest on the beach

The point 1 is very good, indeed it has serpentinite, black sands (magnetite), some quartz and gold!!! That`s why the man of the machine invested lots of money on opening a road directly to this point but they lack of the proper tools to wash the gold more quickly and efficent. We will start a small operation with them for 2 weeks, something that we discussed with them in this trip.

Pictures of the point 2:


A hole made by people of point 2, they pretend to take out all the sands to 4 or 5 meters and find the gold below.


The beach on point 2, south side

In this area, point 2, we still have not an agreement, because the area looks like devastated. Few years ago, because of Hurricane Stan which hits hard the country, the level of the river grow and the direction changed so where now is sand before the hurricane were water… Some people of our team were here then and we lost some equipment… right in this very point 2.

After seeing the 2 points, we had a lunch at Moncho´s home. Then we return to Antigua Guatemala , it was a good day, we now have to prepare the team, equipment and program to fulfill the 2 weeks that we are going to work on the point 1. God bless us with lots of gold during these 2 weeks … for us, for our families and for Guatemala…

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