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miner-with-gold-pan1Ok, so you have acquired an interest in becoming a gold prospector in hopes of finding the yellow gold, the king of the metals.  Maybe you have read the stories or been told how much fun it is to search for gold.  In this article you will see some of the pros and cons related to gold prospecting.  After reading you will have a good checklist to go by that will determine how you will begin your gold prospector endeavors.  Rio Suerte S.A. fall into several categories:

  • Those who are considered recreational.
  • Those who are much more focused on the bigger aspects of prospecting as it relates to geology/precious metals and desire to actually make a living from gold prospecting. Actually in Guatemala, the chapines who do gold prospection are because of need, they are living from gold, and the gold is right there…
  • Then there is the hardcore miner whose motto is “where is my bulldozer”.  These types have a gambler style of mentality and sometimes can pay off big or they may lose even their shirt. Some of these miners actually do not know what to do, just open roads with bulldozers, make big holes on the ground near to the river, in the end they lack of the proper equipment and knowledge about how to recover the precious gold…

River-of-Gold-And-Iron-with-Green-LeafSearching for gold can be some of the hardest work you do and may or may not produce good results.  The gold that has been found in the past by some of the original and first gold hunters have been rounded up to they were just plain lucky.  A lot of gold prospecting is by luck, however most is hard work on the part of the gold prospector that will bring the gold in.

To be a gold prospector you must be willing to pay the price of hard work and at time take risks.  There are some who are misguided into thinking that all they need to do is find some ground and boom there it is.  Now there are cases of such but again this goes back to being lucky and like we said it will be more work and due diligence on your part to find the gold over luck. At the Motagua river this lucky thing is not really like that. You are already lucky because you know that there in the Motagua there is gold and the only thing you need is hard work, the right equipment and some knowledge about where to find it… and also know the local people, have some permissions and some legal papers, things that Rio Suerte have already.

However, you must be prepared in case you don`t find what you want, and truth, sometimes is lucky, when you have great alluvial gold deposits, that`s lucky.

So, here are some basic traits that you should consider when wanting to become a gold prospector:

  • Do not be easily discouraged
  • Do not be afraid of hard work or getting dirty
  • Be an explorer and do your homework first.
  • Do not be afraid to fail in finding gold, do not be afraid because we know where is it.
  • Have a sense of adventure and determination, you never know what might be under the next rock
  • Above all else, just enjoy it.  You may get rich from gold prospecting and you will get rich in experiences and these will add up to a greater chance of finding more gold the next time.

interrogacionSo where do I Start?  First, do not go out and buy a piece of heavy machinery, when all you need is a gold pan.  Learn the basics first and always start with the basics.  The basics can include, pick, shovel, a gold pan, a sluice box and some type of little sniffer bottle that is used to suck gold up from the cracks.  It would also be a great idea to team of with someone who has some experience under their belt as this can save you many hours of frustration. And in Rio Suerte S.A. you can team with us, join us if you would like to be a gold prospector in Guatemala.

Ok so let’s go back over some important things:

  • Start small; learn the basics of gold prospecting before jumping off the bridge into deeper water.
  • Enjoy yourself while you are out there gold prospecting, learn from your mistakes, take time and do your due diligence before heading out into the field.
  • Allow for discouragement but do not dwell on it.
  • Know that the work in finding the gold will be hard at times, by this I mean being patient with the time it may take to find your first gold piece.
  • Do not get in over your head financially; you can have success with just the basic gold prospecting equipment available.

pict.phpThere is gold left to be found and we hope you find it, stay positive and keep learning all you can in the gold prospecting arena.  Get involved in Rio Suerte S.A., we have the knowledge, equipment and places to do the job.  Talk to others who have been doing this for a while and get some tips and tricks that could save you some time and put you on the gold faster.

Gold Prospecting Mistakes

The first one is not getting involve with Rio Suerte 😉 There are several mistakes that some gold prospectors make in their attempts in locating the gold.  The truth about mistakes, are that they are actually the opportunity for success the next time you go at it.  Failure is only failure if you do the same thing again.  So use mistakes as stepping stones to get to your final destination and that is finding the gold.  Here are some common mistakes that are made in prospecting for gold.

  • Choose the wrong location to look – No matter how good you are or may think you are, if you spend time looking in the wrong location you unfortunately will not find any gold.  We have the rich gold areas for you… You need to pre-plan your hunt by doing research on the areas of interest.  You should get involved with gold prospectos or organizations that you can learn from and even get involved on gold hunts like Rio Suerte S.A.
  • Not having the experience to read streams for gold – If you believe you have found a good gold producing area, you need to understand where the gold may be.  Learning to read a stream, creek or river is vital in your gold hunting efforts.  Here is an article that covers some basics of where to find gold I, where to find gold IIand where to find gold III.
  • You lack the knowledge of gold geology – now don’t get me wrong you do not have to be a geologist but you should have a basic understanding of what other type of materials may be present along with the gold. Read all our articles, you find value information about that issue. Also, you need to think like a detective and put some of the puzzle pieces together at times in order to help you to be sure you are really on the gold or if you could be wasting your time.
  • You use the wrong methods or equipment – Knowing the type of gold prospecting methods or equipment that should be used is critical in your gold prospecting endeavors.   Learn and get a good basic feel for methods and equipment such as, dredging, highbanking, dry washing, panning or other methods, you can find such of information in this very website.  Knowing how to use these methods is important but also when to use the appropriate method or piece of equipment is also just as important.  It is about using your time and resources wisely that will increase your chances of finding the gold.
  • Quitting or giving up – Gold prospecting is an exciting adventure that is birthed in many prospectors just as it was way back when the first gold prospectors left their homes in hopes of the big pay day.  The thing about prospecting is that you will not always find gold and at times you will feel as if you are just wasting your time.  No matter how successful or unsuccessful you are on your gold prospecting adventures the right mind set goes along way.  The early prospectors missed the gold many times too and I am sure the same discouragement set into them as it can to us today.  Remember do your homework, get educated, tag along with other experienced prospectors, keep asking questions and most importantly keep looking for the gold. Rio Suerte is very succesful in Guatemala by doing gold prospecting.

goldhunterGold Hunter?

Finding your prey is the goal of every hunter but being a gold hunter has the ultimate reward you’re your prey is found and collected.  There are many hunters in this world and they all have a reward when done properly.  There are things to know and learn when you hunt anything and being a gold hunter is no different in understanding the things to do and not do.  Gold hunting takes research, patience and most of all determination.  Hunters of all types know the thrill in coming home with their hunting finds but I must say coming home with the gold after you have been in the field is an amazing feeling.

From the early days of the original gold rush, gold hunting is the main symptom of having gold fever.  As of today we do not believe there is a cure for gold fever and actually it is one that we have never heard anyone asking for the cure.  One of the things that you should acquire when planning to go on your gold hunting adventure is the knack of performing good research.  Research can be accomplished in asking questions of experienced gold prospectors or better yet getting involved in Rio Suerte S.A.  This website has lots of information about gold prospecting.

Learning how to read the land in gold bearing areas is also a crucial and critical skill that you should consider honing.  The last thing that you want to do is to waste time and money searching for gold in areas that are a bad choice to begin with.  You need to take on a detective mindset and learn the lingo and gold prospecting terms related to finding the gold.  There is always a certain way of doing things in just about any sort of endeavor that we set out to do.  Take some time and take some of the small steps in the beginning in order to take the bigger and more confident steps that will ensure your success in gold hunting.

Learn how to pan for gold, learn how to operate a sluice, highbanking and so, and learn how to determine the where the gold is before you set out with your gear to do it.  In other words read the owner’s manual before you go out and realize that you are not really comfortable with the gear and equipment that you have taken with you.  We know all of this may sound elementary but just like any learning curve that exists for the certain endeavor that you set out to do; gold prospecting is no exception.

Don’t let the lack of skills or training make you stop before you even begin your gold hunting adventures.  Just take the time before hand to ensure you are ready to be the most productive you can be when you are out in the field.  There is gold in the ground that has never seen the likes of a human and this human can be you.  Get motivated, get trained and get moving toward your gold hunting goals.

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