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Present and Future

I am currently working in the same company to which I belong or Rio Suerte SA In total there are 4 people: Robert, Howard, Edwin and me. Actually, we’re not doing much, because we are in the rainy season and to work directly on the river need the dry season which takes 6 months each. But we are working on this website, in which I write myself, with recommendations of Robert who is the CEO But we are not gaining anything financially, for now … but me I get a minimum wage but with faith in the future it will be okay… because life is expensive and no chances to even pay extra things like a cheap car, dentist care, new clothing, shoes, some vacation, computer…  forget it, just basic living… like food, basic transportation, generic automedicated medicine, gas for the stove, electricity bill and rent.

But … What will be in the future?

The future, my future and the future of the company Rio Suerte SA depends on many factors and also the development of ideas but are ideas that require some capital.

Ideas and Projects

Main Project I: To recover alluvial gold at Motagua river channel through the use of specialized equipment such as suction dredger and sluice boxes and Highbankers.  I see a good future in this project. The gold price is everyday increasing and there are lots of gold in the area… also The geology, the geographical situation of the area what we are planning to work at, everything matches perfect. What we need is the dry season to come (October to March), cash for maintain the equipment like gas, oil… Food while staying in the place… and the equipment we already have it, see the Inventory page Day 26. This project, if works well and money comes then part of this money will be to develope the Main Project II.

Main Project II:
NGO RIO SUERTE. To return something to Guatemala by our motto: Free Gold for Chapines, the water is free, the air is free, the gold is free, you just have to grab it.  We are building small highbankers to give away and help families living at the shores of the river to recover their own gold. This project implies time, organization, money and knowledge. See more at: NGO Rio Suerte.


Mining Exploration Company Branch: I would like in the future to work in offering to other companies the exploration for minerals and have in Rio Suerte S.A. a branch to do that. The company would offer basic geological exploration services to sampling and geological record with details of the situation, including mapping and laboratory analysis ( samples would go to specialized laboratories to determine the amount and type of elements found in the samples) in the field mining areas that have registered with the Ministry of Energy and Mines, also from private individuals or companies that have land or farms and would like to find out whether they have minerals of economic interest within them.

To provide the services you need  a geologist and his/her assistant, a small 4×4 vehicle, hammer and pickaxe geologist, 1:50,000 scale topographic maps, a GPS instrument to mark the exact coordinates, plastic bags for sampling, camera, magnifying glass increase, hydrochloric acid to determine if the rocks are calcium and magnesium, binoculars and a notebook for notes hardcover, an inicial investment of about $9,500 dollars plus promotion.

The treatment for this type of service would be a charge for fees and assistant geologist, gasoline, hotels, meals during travel supply and payment services for company Rio Suerte SA

Many companies and people are willing to pay for these services, many companies and individuals have no personal and self-knowledge in this area. Many companies and individuals want to find out they actually have in their land or need to perform this type of work to find raw materials for industry from dolomite rocks, limestone, gypsum, feldspar, iron ore, etc.. etc. etc.

We know that a laboratory analysis is expensive and can not be sampled on a lot of something we know is not going to be successful, our company would undertake to sample materials that we know can give good results, hence the help of the geology. To determine the type of rock, the geological situation, abundance, paths available to the source material, names of owners of the land, or not immediately available, numerical ranking of the samples to the laboratory, position and location on the map according its numerical ranking … a lot of work that the company would do for others. The good thing about this idea is that you can work no matter the weather is or whereever the area is located. There would be also geochemical and geophysical exploration, although for that we would need other tools, but starting with basic exploration and after while we get more cash flow, adquire tools to do that.

Other Ideas and Projections for the Future:

The mining industry is very big. Gradually, in the future there will be more demand for the current. As we know today mining in Guatemala is limited by sociological factors but that will change … As change occurs may develop ideas on mining services that can be offered and that no one else has done in Guatemala.

Develop branches in Rio Suerte as Exploration (we’ve seen), a branch that provides Mine Safety, ie security services to avoid personal losses and material losses caused by accident, not wearing the proper equipment, tools used carelessly, spills toxic, landslides, etc.

Another branch could be the manufacture and maintenance of equipment for obtaining and alluvial gold dredgers suction highbankers, sluice boxes, etc.. and would have the participation of another team devoted to metallurgy.

Another branch would be the casting of metals, offering metal smelting mining companies who want to put their gold, silver, copper, zinc or bursting in bars 1 ounce to 5 ounces. This would have to obtain metal smelting equipment and personnel.

There could also be a branch that is dedicated to tourism and mining geology. Taking tourists to remote places where they can see not only amazing but also landscapes different geological formations. There are many places in Guatemala where tourists never will, because they are offered in traditional tourist packages. But there are many natural areas with villages with people and mountains and incredible natural geological landscapes. Do not go there because they are far away, they do not have the amenities that a resort can offer, because if you have seen the way have seen it all, but have not seen everything. In this case would be scouting trips to places that are not tourist but interesting and often beautiful and worthwhile. There are a couple of companies that offer these packages in Guatemala tourist exploration but not enough.

There are many more ideas, many more. In the end the future depends on ourselves , hard work, a little luck, perseverance and patience. But most importantly, the future of our planet, our country depends on everyone.

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