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Leaving the exploitation area much better than it was, must be one of priorities of all mining work.

Then, as we have seen, open pit mining to extract gold, needs work, job finding, mining and mine closure based on various sciences to the operation of the process and most importantly, without damaging the environment . The environment, of course, is modified and transformed as to be able to perform, you will need to cut down trees, use water, earth moving, drilling and dynamiting the soil and subsoil, open trails and roads, etc.. But all this operation carries a responsibility, the responsibility to re transforming the mining area after the operation, that is, leave everything as it was originally, or much better, which is what ultimately intended, because… our mother Earth is the one who is giving us her treasures and we have to take care of it.

Instead of getting angry or sad because an open pit mine operation will begin in some area, should be rejoiced, because mining will bring progress, development, opportunities. Taking a piece of bread to the mouth of thousands of families, yes , it will pollute while carrying out the process of mining, extraction, leaching and gold refining process and all extras such as transportation, construction, machinery and personnel movement, etc. So, it is only a temporary contamination without damaging the environment or people’s health permanently.

Gold mining has other positive things, not only for the community, area or town but for the all nation. Currency growth admissions to pay taxes and royalties to local governments and the central government. The purchase of materials, supplies, products and things that will be needed not only for the mine but for mining staff working in it. The modernization of people in different areas, for example, training to use certain machinery, vehicle or equipment. Education to local geologists and mining engineers on advanced techniques of prospecting and mining, the foundation of community projects such as elementary schools  with teacher recruitment, health centers, which require medical and paramedical personnel, literacy programs,  local cooperatives for the development of an agricultural product, livestock or poultry local savings and loan cooperatives, the opening of new access networks with new roads, implementation of local nurseries for reforestation immediately after use of work areas and seed management education, cultivation and uses of different types of trees, which serve not only as firewood..cooperativa

In the end, mining responsibly and social inclusion brings tremendous benefits to all, companies know this, people who work in them knows is a law of human preservation, is a moral and ethical law to leave a better world to future generations, the environment to improve end, large company profits will be shared in a fair manner, new knowledge will be obtained to find new non-renewable resources for new mining areas, the chemicals used during labor exploitation is securely sealed while investigating new chemicals not harmful for future use, artificial earthquakes occur due to explosions that will help natural earthquakes debase their intensity and are less harmful … then people finally understand that mining is not the black sheep industry.

Mining has existed since ancient times, is an activity that produces material goods to make life easier and more modern.

If there were no gold that are necessary or have been necessary during human history, not only serves as decoration or vanity, as some in Guatemalans say, they do not want gold mining because it is only vanity for women wearing jewelry … but not only good for that, we used to:

• A small amount of gold is used in almost every electronic device. This includes cell phones, PDAs, calculators, GPS units, among others. Most large electronic appliances such as televisions also contain gold. This is because gold is very efficient conductor that can carry tiny currents and remain free of corrosion.

• Gold is also used in many components of computers. The accurate and rapid transmission of information through the computer requires an efficient and reliable driver. Gold meets these requirements better than any other metal. Connectors that are used to assemble the microprocessor and memory chips on the motherboard containing gold, so the connectors used to attach all cables.cell_phones

• Air bags, which have been installed in more than 30 million cars worldwide, have gold plated electrical contacts to ensure that the safety devices when necessary.

• In the windows of new buildings using small amounts of gold because they reflect a high percentage of heat without reducing light. The extra cost of this process can be offset by lower costs for air conditioning.

• The windows of the cockpit in modern jets are covered with a very thin gold foil to deflect the damaging effects of sunlight and withstand extreme temperatures.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And is used in so many things, in fields such as medicine, industry, transportation, space exploration and technology, and of course that is used in jewelry.

But many will say, in Guatemala there is no medical or scientific industrial far but … space exploration artifacts if we use everyday, who does not have a cell phone? Or who has never used a computer? Or have X-rays done in a hospital? Or not seen photos or videos of stars and galaxies on television or who does not have a television? And that’s not vanity … and if so … what boyfriend has not given his girlfriend an engagement ring or the husband to the wife’s wedding ring? Unless commanded to make a ring of silver or copper but these metals also came from a mining work … or perhaps rings grow on trees?anillos

Even metals like iron and metal alloys for aluminum, bronze, brass, steel … all that we use every day such as plates, clocks, pens … even the clothes and shoes we wear, were made ​​with a machine that is made of metal … and if some people do not want mining because it is dirty, it is vanity or what they think it is, then do not use anything, should stop using cell phones, watch football or soap operas on TV, buying canned food, of guess if they are broken or not avoiding using X-ray machines … should go to an island where there is nothing more than just trees and wildlife … (to be continued …)naufragos

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